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clearIMPACT is the lovechild of Margaret Hastings – Chief Local Brand Champion

Her 20+ years of business experience on multi million dollar businesses  were merely the prequel to her passion for local.   It’s like she spent 20 years training with Yoda, then came home to Tatooine.   (If you want to learn more about the prequel, there is a footnote at the bottom of this page.)


All that business experience has a big impact when you turn its power onto local brands.


The power of local was discovered in the most unexpected of places…. on a national brand.  

Shreddies Inukshuk

She discovered that the magic behind Shreddies, which had been in the homes of Canadians for 60 years, wasn’t just about 100% whole grain wheat neatly woven into squares.  It wasn’t about catchy diamond shapes.   She discovered that why people loved Shreddies so much was because it belonged to them.

       If Shreddies was a person, he would apologize when you step on his toe.

       If Shreddies was a person, he’d be the guy who floods the ice on the outdoor rink every night so that the local kids can play hockey.  There’s a commercial about that.

       If Shreddies was a person, he would root for the CHL too.

She discovered that what makes Shreddies so special is that Shreddies is genuinely good.

Margaret turned Shreddies into a local brand with a personal touch and a heart of gold. She launched the Shreddies Facebook page and secured over 60,000 likes in its first year.

What happened?  Shreddies began to grow,  And grow, and grow and grow.


Bringing local home….

Then she turned her attention to brands that live locally.


Big Ideas.  Big Impact.

 hospice resized with credit

 How do you inspire people to donate to a place people go to die?

You turn the concept of a hospice on its head, transforming it into a place you go to live  – some of the most important days of your life – surrounded by those who love you most.

She created the love lives here campaign for the Southlake Regional Health Centre hospice, raising $192,000 in its launch evening night.  Her iconic heart shaped tree, its foliage full of heart shaped leaves, is a symbol of the strength and enduring love that embraces the hospice.


Sip & Savour

In one of Canada’s most affluent communities, how do you raise awareness and funds for a Food Bank?

 As a board member & the first ever Fundraising Director for King Township Food Bank, Margaret was challenged to raise the profile of this important charity within the community, as well as raising much needed funds.

Her solution?  She led the Food Bank’s first major fundraising event, Sip & Savour, securing over 20 local corporate sponsors and raising over $20,000.  It was heralded as one of the best social events of the year.

The Food Bank is very grateful to its wonderful sponsors, donors and guests.


What gives local the power for such BIG IMPACT?  Emotional connection.

By definition local brands are close to you.  That can make them more meaningful than any global brand with a multi million dollar marketing budget.

That can make them irreplaceable.

That’s a lot of IMPACT.

And so  logo horizontal no communicationswas born.

 Meet the Team

Margaret Hastings

Margaret Hastings – President

  • Created and launched love lives here Hospice and Transform a Life campaigns for Southlake Foundation
  • Grew Cheerios into Canada’s largest cereal brand
  • Launched Nesquik Cereal, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios & Froot by the Foot
  • Led General Mills Sponsorship of Nagano Olympics
  • Has taught marketing to over 2,000 BBA & MBA students at Schulich School of Business
  • Led the Vote for Diamonds/Vote for Square campaign during Diamond Shreddies
  • Created and currently leading King Township’s ExperienceKING Tourism campaign



 Anna Focarino

Anna Focarino, Account Manager






David Weingarten

David Weingarten, Videographer

In addition to his work with Clear Impact, David is the videographer for Southlake Regional Health Centre.

See some of David’s work for Clear Impact here







Joshua Emberlin

Joshua Emberlin, Graphic Designer

Josh works on contract with Clear Impact as our exclusive graphic designer.

He is the artist behind Southake’s love lives here and Transform a Life campaigns, as well as their website redesign.







Michael Grgas


Michael Grgas, Account Co-Ordinator

Michael assists in co-ordinating meetings, minutes and presentations.

He is a graduate of Saint Andrew’s College.