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At Clear Impact we pack a 1-2 punch.  Our excellence in research and strategy helps you interpret information, plan for the big picture, and develop winning strategies.  Our full service communcations products give you crystal clear communication that work.

Clear Impact was established in 2015.

Meet the Team

Margaret Hastings

Chief Strategist

With over 25 years of experience marketing multi-million dollar national brands sunch as Cheerios and Shreddies, Margaret brings strong strategic thinking and analytical skills to every project.  She also teaches marketing strategy  and marketing communication at Schulich School of Business at both the undergraduate and MBA levels.

Josh Emberlin

Extraordinary Design

In his work, Josh believes in three key principles.... less is usually more, great design doesn’t come from a vacuum, and designers almost always do better work in thick framed eye glasses.   He has also been humbled by a few international awards, something his mother is very proud of.

David Weingarten

Multimedia Magician

A picture paints a thousand words, but a video shows a thousand pictures.   As people read less and less, the stories they are told through video inform, persuade and lead to action.   David is the mastermind behind breathtaking scenic videos, impactful business attraction videos, and engaging kinetic font videos.

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