Unleash the power of your brand and make it irreplaceable.

Brands who know their roots and know what they stand for have the power to be loved more than any other brands.

Brands who know what their customers need, and understand how they think and feel have the power to be more meaningful than any other brand.

How do you unleash the power?  It’s all in how you communicate.



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Make your messaging clear. 

It’s easy to give mixed messages.  Especially when you are communicating in so many different places.

We will help you ensure that everything you communicate makes sense, is easy to understand, and is compelling.

We will help you ensure that your logo and brand standards are used consistently across all forms of communication.






A clearly defined strategy makes every piece of communication material work harder.Man with bullhorn no crowd 

Think about it in terms of a simple conversation, between you and somebody you want to influence.

     Who are you talking to?

     What do you want them to do?

     Do you think they may have some reasons to not do what you want?

     How are you going to persuade them to do it?

     Where do you plan to have this chat?

     What tone and manner do you plan to use?

It’s not just what you say, it’s how, where, and when you say it.

Before any communications are developed for your business, your communications strategy will be articulated, in human terms.

Then your communications will be developed so that people get it, clearly and quickly, and are motivated to act.


We make sure your communications are motivating.



How?  We find the Insight.

When you understand why people behave the way they do, you can form compelling communications that motivate them to act.

Major marketing companies have entire departments devoted to customer insights.   That’s because they know that understanding their customers’ needs is the key to strong communications in promotions and advertising.

Your strategy will include the insights you have into the people you plan to be speaking to – current or prospective customers, and that will ensure that you offer them the benefit that will motivate them to act.

That is IMPACT.