King Township Tourism Branding & Marketing

The Challenge

Located just north of Toronto, with wide open landscape and small "t" tourism destinations, King Township needed to define itself as a day trip and weekend destination for residents of the Greater Toronto Metropolitan Area, however it did not have a tourism strategy and had not branded itself as a tourism destination.

The Scope

A strategy was developed that positioned King as a place to refresh, recharge and revitalize.  The Experience King brand was created with a website profiling all of the tourism destinations in King.  Fourteen videos were produced through partnering with Central Counties Tourism, and the target audience was engaged through a social media campaign.

The Impact

In its first 3 years, had over 125,000 unique visitors (5 times the population of King Township), who viewed over 670,000 pages.  Local businesses have embraced tourism, with one farm receiving over 2,000 visitors in a single day for an Easter egg hunt.