A Problem Well Defined is a Problem Half Solved

Clearly understanding business objectives is critical.  What are you working towards achieving?  What performance metrics do you want to attain?

We also examine the larger context for the issue at hand.  Where does it fit within your overall strategy?  What other objectives might this project help forward?

There is a Reason "Information" Starts with INFORM.

Step 1 - Mine existing information.  Look within your region, look outside your region.

Step 2 - Do we need to do new research?  Cleverly planned and clearly worded questionnaires give top quality responses.

Step 3 - Put it all together.  Learn from the facts.  Data is an amazing tool that can tell a powerful story.

Most importantly, we will have identified strengths you can leverage, weaknesses that need to be addressed, any opportunities that should be pursued, and threats that ought to be mitigated.  Put together, our information will unfold, much as a roadmap, to show us the way.

Strategy is a Pattern in a Stream of Decisions

We have to credit our headline to Henry Mintzberg, but we couldn't say it better.  Once we have identified where we are heading, it will guide us in the development of our action plan.   Your strategic plan will clearaly outline your business challenges, objectives, and the specific activities that will help you accomplish your goal.

Strategic Services

  • BR+E

  • Downtown Revitalization

  • Tourism

  • Community Engagement

And of course, if you have a specific need, we address it...specifically.