Mine Existing Information

From Statistics Canada, Ontario Chamber of Commerce studies, industry studies, credible news sources and so much more, there is a wealth of readily available information that will provide important context for your project.

Qualitative and Quantitative Studies

Our qualitative research includes one-on-one stakeholder consultations, community consultations, focus groups and visioning workshops.

Our quantitative research is done through our well designed and carefully crafted surveys that will ensure you are asking the right questions and will achieve the learning you are looking for.

Transform Learning into Knowledge

Our research does not stop at reporting the data.  We put all of the learning together, connect the dots between different sources of information, find consistencies and inconsistencies, and most importantly, identify the implications from the learning.

Research Services

Community & Stakeholder Consultations
Focus Groups
Business Mix Analysis
Trade Area Analysis
Custom Research

Some of Our Projects

Schomberg Resident Survey

King Township Shop Local Resident Survey

Trade Area Analysis